• Site Distribution Map

    This interactive map offers researchers access to content relating specifically to facilities used in the detention, concentration, relocation and incarceration of Japanese Americans during World War II.

    Types of facilities:

    • Citizen Isolation Centers
    • Concentration Camps
    • Department of Justice Internment Camps
    • Immigration Detention Stations
    • Temporary Assembly Centers
    • U.S. Army Internment Camps
    • U.S. Federal Prisons
    • Additional Facilities

    Flags indicate the geographic coordinates of each site. Clicking the flags reveal information cards containing the names of the sites as used by the United States government. Links are provided to generate a list of documents relating to each facility within the CSU Japanese American Digitization Project database. New sites may be included as new documents are added to the database.

Special thanks to the National Park Service and Densho (Encyclopedia) for providing information enabling the construction of this map.