Publications About CSUJAD

This is a growing list of the publications focused on the work of the California State University Japanese American Digitization Project:

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Hirabayashi, Lane Ryo. “Everyday Sources about Life in the Camps: The Value of the Vernacular.” Essay written for CSU Japanese American Digitization Project, April 2015.

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Moreno, Nereida, “CSU System Will Digitize Experiences of Japanese-American World War II Internees,” Daily Breeze, June 23, 2015,

Nakagawa, Alan. Ninomiya Zine. Carson, CA: CSUDH Gerth Archives and Praxis Art, 2019.
[Click to view the zine]

Williams, Gregory L. “Civil Liberties Icons Fred Korematsu and Aiko Herzig Yoshinaga Archival Material Now Available in the CSU Japanese American Digitization Project” CSUDH (blog), April 14, 2021.

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