Research resources

A growing number of research resources have been developed to place the CSU Japanese American Digitization project in its historical context, link to related projects, and provide users with information about current scholarship on the subject.


An illustrated timeline allows users to dynamically travel through a chronology of the most important events in Japanese American history from immigration to current times.

wwii facilities

This map includes the locations and additional information for incarceration camps, temporary assembly centers, Department of Justice Internment Camps, U.S. Army Internment Camps, U.S. Federal Prisons, Immigration Detention Stations, Citizen Isolation Centers, and other facilities.

Other japanese american history Resources

Here you’ll find other archival digital projects and websites that are similar to the CSUJAD project, each with valuable information about Japanese American history:

Publications About Csujad

This is a growing list of the publications focused on the work of the California State University Japanese American Digitization Project:

Scholarship by the csujad scholarly advisory group

The Scholarly Advisory Group for the California State University Japanese American Digitization Project publishes extensively on the topic of Japanese American history and a selection of their work is below.

selected bibliography

The following is not intended to be a comprehensive bibliography, but an introduction to the topic of Japanese American history with some key publications selected by Gregory L. Williams, Director CSUDH Gerth Archives and Special Collections, and Maureen Burns, IMAGinED Consulting.

Citation Guide

The CSUJAD project contains archival items that are usually text-based, images, sound, or moving images. Information about how to cite these formats and examples can be found in the following citation guides.

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